Originally this was on the homepage, but I moved it here to make it look a lot cleaner. This will probably have weeks with lots of changes, followed by a month or so with no changes, just because of how my attention span works. Also, please note that here "backend" is used to mean css stylesheet stuff. I don't know if that's the actual meaning and I don't care enough to find out.

week of 8/1-6, 2022- Did some so much backend stuff. Messed with styles so now I can make lists without the background and sidebars with it. Turned the index page into a basic landing board, and got rid of the about page. Added art page. Added a recipe for macaroni and cheese. Did more styling stuff so now I can easily add columns with the cool background.

week of 5/15-21, 2022-added rambles page for writing, blog-style posts, and whatever else I want to put there. Changed the url from Catbirdthing to Lindworm, because the old name was kinda clunky.

week of 4/10-16, 2022- it's been a while, hasn't it? moved changelog to its own page, deleted writing tab. gave up on Parasite Eve shrine. Changed homepage to not use a table for formatting and did a bit of backend work.

week of 11/21-27, 2021- worked on Parasite Eve shrine.

week of 11/14-20, 2021- revamped home page layout, changed writing tab firstly to spore tab and then to shrines tab, updated error 404 page, re-added writing tab.