cool stuff

A collection of things I've found that I think are nice, and things that I'm using for this site. When available, they'll link back to the source.

cool sites, the first website ever.
Bonnibel's Graphics Collection. A large collection of graphics. Most are kinda cutesy, but there are some for every theme.
Silent Hill Memories. A really detailed Silent Hill Fanpage, including news, walkthroughs, and information on the games.
Yesterweb. A shrine to the old internet. Has a really nice link directory.
Project Umbrella. A collection of obscure or rare Resident Evil lore, supplemental materials, and other information. The site is somewhat resource-intensive and it lagged my laptop, so be warned.
Solarpunk Magic Computer Club. I don't know how to describe it. I think it used to have meetings, but the last one listed was in October 2021 and the link is dead. They have a nice collection of digital zines though.